Choosing a Professional Irrigation Contractor

Before making your investment in an Irrigation System ask your contractor if they:

  • have adequate, legally required and up to date insurance
  • have appropriate certification and training, including proof
  • have memberships of relevant trade associations
  • have State licensing
  • have a long standing business with a good reputation
  • have references, awards and a portfolio
  • have a clear explanation of your participation and obligations
  • have a process to obtain the required permits
  • have a professional behavior and appearance
  • present professional, clear documentation
  • use their own direct labor, not sub-contractors
  • have written proposals and contracts
  • present the design clearly and completely
  • provide a labor warranty
  • provide manufacturer warranties
  • allow changes in the scope of works
  • have customer service personnel and service contracts
  • present the installation practices clearly and completely
  • advise how to manage the system to get the best from it
  • what to expect with a new installation