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The Backflow Buddy is a thermal insulating cover that protects backflow prevention devices from harsh Spring and Fall weather. Field and laboratory tested, the Backflow Buddy’s weighted base conforms to the contour of the ground and uses heat from the ground to keep backflow preventers and pipes from freezing. It’s easy to install and allows you to keep using your sprinkler system during unpredictable fall and spring weather.

Read from others who use Backflow Buddy as thier choice for irrigation freeze protection.

  • Patented – field and laboratory tested
  • Durable water resistant/weatherproof exterior, 3M® Thinsulate™ Insulation middle layer and tear-proof interior
  • Weighted base conforms to ground for an effective seal
  • Rolls up small for easy storage

Available in two sizes – protects PVBs and RPs:

  • Fits PVBs from 3/4″ to 2″
  • Fits RPs from 3/4″ to 2″
  • Larger sizes available upon request

*Thinsulate™ is a trademark of 3M®


Price List

Size Selection

We measured numerous backflow devices in the field and found a vast spectrum of sizes from one contractor’s installation to another. Therefore, we are currently offering two different sizes of Backflow Buddys to satisfy those differences. Both sizes will protect backflow devices ranging in size from ¾” to 2”.

*Many contractors have taken the measurements that best suit their installation techniques and asked us to customize the measurements for the Backflow Buddy to fit their needs. Feel free to follow this example when ordering for your company.

*see wholesale application page for quantities necessary for purchasing

Color Selection

Currently, we offer this product in one color, black.

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28”W X 30”H
45”W X 30”H
Custom *for custom sizes please call our
toll free number and we will take
your order over the phone to ensure
proper measurements.


Product Info
  • Patented Technology
  • Field Tested under extreme conditions.
  • Laboratory Tested by Storagetek testing facility in Longmont, Colorado
  • Durable water resistant/weatherproof exterior, 3M® Thinsulate ™  insulation middle layer and tear proof interior.
  • Weighted base conforms to the ground for an effective seal.
  • Rolls up small for easy storage.

The Backflow Buddy is a thermal insulating sprinkler system cover that protects backflow prevention devices from harsh Spring and Fall weather.  Field and laboratory tested, the Backflow Buddy’s weighted base conforms to the contour of the ground and uses heat from the ground to keep backflow preventers and pipes from freezing.  It’s easy to install and allows you to keep using your sprinkler system during unpredictable Fall and Spring Weather.


“After my irrigation company turned our system on in the Spring we had a week of below-freezing temperatures.  When I called my irrigation company to ask them what I should do, they had one of their technicians come out to our home and install the Backflow Buddy.  My backflow device made it through the week of cold weather without ever freezing”

-Mellissa in Fishers

“In 1998 we had a cold snap that came earlier than expected.  My backflow device for the sprinkler system froze and then burst. The water from the sprinkler system ended up flooding my basement.  I had never used my irrigation company before since I was new to the area.  But when I called them to make repairs, they suggested that I purchase the thermal outdoor blanket called the Backflow Buddy.  I did just that and haven’t had a problem with freezing since then.”

-Bob in Kokomo

“A few years back I noticed we were supposed to have a cold front come through Georgia.  The local news was warning everyone to cover their sprinkler systems because the “freeze was coming!”  I called my irrigation contractor and asked them what I should do.  I was a little upset and even more amazed that they didn’t have any suggestions except I should try to cover it with a garbage can, or insulation of some sort.  Fortunately, my husband was smart enough to get on the internet and look up freeze protection for sprinkler systems.  That’s where we found the Backflow Buddy.  Within Days we were shipped the device and beat the freeze.  Thanks Guys!”

-Tiffany in Atlanta

“My irrigation company gave me and my other neighbors a quote for a sprinkler system last year.  This Spring I decided to use Ken and Larry because I was impressed with everything they offered, including the inclusion of the Backflow Buddy.  My neighbors decided that my irrigation company’s quote was a little too high and used another company.  Nothing was said until this spring when both of my neighbor’s backflow devices burst due to freezing conditions and mine was as good as new inside of the Backflow Buddy.  My neighbors now own Backflow Buddys as well.”

-Mike in Greenwood

Contractor Programs

Every irrigation contractor who designs, services, or installs sprinkler systems should be introducing this product to their customers. Your competition is selling the Backflow Buddy to their customers now…shouldn’t you be?

  • Do you offer options to your potential customers when selling a sprinkler system?
  • Do you include rain sensors as part of your price?
  • First year winterization and start up for free.

Why not include a product like the Backflow Buddy as one of your options or include it in your price! You will separate yourself from other companies who don’t offer the same product as well as provide peace of mind and added insurance to each customer that wants to protect the investment of a sprinkler system. Targeting your potential customers is a great start…but you should also consider the enormous sales opportunities that most of you have at your finger tips.

  • Existing customers
  • Landscapers
  • Property management companies
  • People you have given quotes to that ended up using another contractor

Your Distributor/Supplier will help you get started!!!

We offer brochures that will help your company get started selling the Backflow Buddy.  Contact your distributor/supplier for information.