About Us

Professional Service


We offer two types of service:

1.) Repair Services
2.) Periodic Maintenance

Both these types of service are coordinated by our office manager who is available during our office hours. If the office manager cannot pick up your call, a voice mail message can be left. We guarantee that we will call you back within 24 hours but usually the same day.


We have made a significant investment in order to provide the best level of repair service possible.

We have 5 full time service technicians who are on duty during weekdays and carrying radios to ensure they are in regular contact with the Service Manager. Each technician is fully trained and certified.

The technician carries a copy of the records for your property to ensure efficient and accurate diagnosis.

We keep a full supply of replacement parts in our store an vehicles so that we are able to repair a system quickly and promptly.


Except for the repair of damaged or inoperative components there are three maintenance events each year that are required:

In Spring Turn on the system
Test the backflow prevention device

In Fall Turn off the system

We will perform these jobs for you through a maintenance plan or on an “as needed” basis. We will offer you the maintenance plan after your first year of free maintenance expires on your original installation contract.


To prevent damage from water freezing in the pipes, valves and sprinklers, we connect an air compressor to the system, open the drains and purge all the water air pressure. No pockets o trapped water are left to cause damage.

Unique to Barthuly Irrigation we surround the backflow prevention device with a freeze resistant blanket, called the Backflow Buddy. This blanked was invented by us. This blanket is provided to you when your system is installed.

Click on the link below to learn more about the Backflow Buddy.


There is no charge for periodic maintenance in the first year of your system, unless damage is caused by another party.

A service contract is offered to cover the cost of the periodic maintenance visits for a single, discounted fee.

If you need to use our services it is OK I f you don’t want to take advantage of the service contract. Call us and we will schedule a time with you for a requested service.