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Installation Process

First Contact

Whether you desire a new system or want to modify your current system we can do the job.  Unlike some competitors we staff our phones full-time during office hours.

Office Hours:

Mon – Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm

Tel. (317) 873-3700 | (800) 486-TORO (8676)

Fax. (317) 873-3718

Email: info@barthulyirrigation.com


Our designer will call you to make an appointment if required. Otherwise, during the first contact that you make, we will ascertain what your needs and wishes are for the sprinkler system.

We will then come out to your property and take the specified measurements of your property that will be required to design your system professionally.


If you called to set up an appointment with us to go over the areas of our yard that you would like to have irrigated, we will personally meet with you to discover your specific needs.

We will then draw your property, paying particular attention to slopes, drains, swales, trees, shrub-bed locations, driveways, hardscaping, sunny and shaded areas and the areas that don’t drain well or that stay excessively dry.

We will also check your water pressure and water volume to ensure that we are designing the system using the specific readings.


From the information gathered at the first meeting, we make a scale drawing of your property. Next, we design the system and mark up the scale drawing.
Finally we price the system and prepare our proposal for you.


A bound proposal will be presented for your consideration. It will contain a scale drawing of your property, a list of works to be undertaken with pricing, and color brochures describing the system components.

The scaled drawing shows the proposed locations of the sprinkler heads and zones. The sales person will walk you through the proposal explaining, where appropriate, if there are options to consider.

We are very proud of our record with the Better Business Bureau and the awards presented to us by Angie’s List and our distributors.


We regularly check for changes in the law, rules and ordinances. This ensures your system will be in compliance and will pass inspection by local municipal inspectors


Your yard is already full of pipes and cables installed by the utility companies and we wish to avoid any possible damage to existing services when we install your irrigation system.

Just before we install your system we will cal Indiana Underground to locate, identify and mark the services on your property.

You might also find knowing the location of existing services very useful!

Agree Date

To ensure convenience, we will agree on a suitable date when the work is to start.

Provided the weather cooperates, the work will proceed as scheduled. It is a safe assumption that your scheduled date will move back one day for every day of inclement weather. If the weather does turn bad, we will communicate with you how that might change your scheduled date.


We will do our very best to start installation on the same date we have promised. All the materials, vehicles, foreman and our labor team will be brought to your location ready for the installation to commence.

Great care is always taken to ensure that our vehicles and works inconvenience neither you nor your neighbors.

We will need access to wherever it is agreed the system control panel will be located.


Our goal is to avoid damaging existing lawns and flower beds during the installation process.

Special equipment is used in order to ensure this does not happen. The yard I sunder a certain amount of stress during and directly after the installation. We take every precaution to keep this “stress” to a minimum.

After we have installed your sprinkler system we will turn the water on to the sprinkler heads to make sure they are adjusted properly. We will also make sure they are operating electrically from the controller.

Finally we demonstrate how the system operates and invite you to walk the property with us to ensure your approval.


Except for the repair of damaged or inoperative components there are three maintenance events each year that are required:

In Spring Turn on the system
Test the backflow prevention device

In Fall Turn off the system

We will perform these jobs for you through a maintenance plan or on an “as needed” basis. We will offer you the maintenance plan after your first year of free maintenance expires on your original installation contract.


After the installation is complete, we will prepare an “as-built” design which will illustrate the actual location of all the components of the sprinkler system unique to your property. We provide a copy for your records and keep a copy for our record.

This is a valuable document especially if you ever intend to sell your property.

A copy of these records is made available to our service technicians to ensure quality and timely work during a given service call.