Barthuly Irrigation, Inc. is pleased to be able to offer formal financing through a reputable, local Bank, North Park Community Credit Union (NPCCU).

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to drag hoses around their yard to keep their grass green. And tell me, who truthfully delights in welcoming guests onto their beautifully designed patio on a warm summer night only to be blinded by giant flood lights shining down from a second story gutter. I think we can help!! Home improvement projects aren’t cheap. Coming up with a chunk of money is something that, for any variety of reasons, can become problematic. As homeowners ourselves, we at Barthuly, recognize the struggle you face when determining how to be smart about the money you’ve earned and how that money can be spent. Sometimes, the most significant obstacle is just coming up with the money in the first place. Understanding these obstacles became the catalyst for us to search for a trusted financial institution to provide financing. Because of NPCCU, we are able to offer you a manageable and affordable way to take on these projects…and truly begin enjoying the home your living in.

The Northpark application you will be filling out is a Visa-based program that offers financing ranging from $750 – $30,000. For this specific application, anyone who lives in the following counties are eligible: Marion, Boone, Clinton, Hamilton, Hendricks, and Montgommery. If your credit score is 650 or above, there is a good chance you will be approved within minutes of filling out the application. The current (lowest) rate of interest is 8.99%. There are no pre-payment penalties with this loan.

NOTE: When filling out the application and prompted to select a loan type, select “visa credit card”.

How it works:

Ask one of our sales people at Barthuly to provide a quote for irrigation or landscape lighting (or BOTH!) ( and let us know you would like to use financing. Fill out the application based on the proposal we provide for you. You can apply for more than the proposal amount if you’d like, that’s up to you. After approval from NPCCU comes through, we will schedule the work to be performed. Once the job has been installed, we will inform NPCCU and funds for the project will be dispersed to Barthuly. At that time, the actual visa card will be sent to you.

By clicking the “apply now” tab you will be directed to the application. Or, if you prefer, you can call a loan officer at (317) 733-2200 to discuss the loan rates or ask questions that need to be answered prior to you filling out the application.

Credit Scores and Rates

Credit Limit Amount 775+ 774 – 700 699 – 650 649 & Under IntroRate
First Six
Billing Cycles
Repayment Terms
$750 – 2,000 11.99 14.99 17.99 25.00 2.50% 1.50% of Monthly Balance
$2,000.01 – 4,500 9.99 13.50 15.50 25.00 2.50% 1.50% of Monthly Balance
$4,500.01 – 8,000 8.99 10.99 12.99 25.00 2.50% 1.50% of Monthly Balance
$8,000.01 – 15,000 9.50 11.50 13.50 N/A 2.50% 1.50% of Monthly Balance
$15,000.01 – Max. 30,000 9.99 11.99 13.99 N/A 2.50% 1.50% of Monthly Balance

***Also required:

  • $50 Processing Fee
  • $5 Membership Deposit
  • $17.50 Late fee if 15 days past due date