Barthuly Irrigation, Inc.

All of the colors of your landscape deserve to be seen at nightfall. Bring your home to life with the illumination that bathes garden paths in a soft, inviting glow and will hold the night at bay on decks, patios, water features, peaks, dormers, tree canopies and so much more. Don't let the sun set on your beautiful home. Allow Barthuly Lighting to transform your home, business or neighborhood entryways and amenity areas into a nighttime wonderland for all to enjoy.

Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Lighting Serving Carmel and Central Indiana

Landscape Lighting creates illumination for all of those spaces of your home and business that you would like to see and make use of during the dawn til dusk hours.  It is true that many designers of Landscape Lighting will use very ornate fixtures to showcase their lights both during the day and the evening hours.  However, it is our philosophy that lighting isn’t about the fixture. It is about they type of light that the fixture produces for the space that needs illumination.  Because of this philosophy we have investigated many different manufacturers of landscape lighting.  Although we are happy to install other “professional grade” products, we prefer to use is Unique Lighting Systems.

Please go to the link below to read more about this awesome product and the dedication that this company has shown to the landscape lighting community.

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