Barthuly Irrigation, Inc.


In our ever changing world water conservation has become of significant interest to all who are in our industry and in reality...everyone in the world.  Water is one of our greatest resources.  We use it in our every day life to cook, clean, cool, heat, consume, and yes, irrigate.  Many manufactures around the world are beginning to understand the importance of water and how it can be conserved through better irrigation practices and products.  It is our job as members of various irrigation related associations to be involved in this process of conservation.  It is our job to educate ourselves and the people we employ so, in turn, we can educate our customers.  Water conservation is at the forefront of our minds and is a division of our company that we will continue to cultivate.

The following was taken from an article written by Kenneth H. Solomon, Irrigation Engineer, Morro Bay, CA and Joseph Kissinger, Landscape Specialist, Irrigation and Landscape Services, Fullerton, CA.

“Urban water use is an increasingly significant portion of total water use, particularly in the arid West.  A major component of urban water use is for irrigation of the urban landscape.  Improvements in the efficiency of landscape irrigation could offer considerable potential for water conservation in the urban sector.  For example, the California Department of Water Resources (1998) has observed:
    “The greatest potential reduction in urban water use would come from
    reducing outdoor water use for landscaping.”

Improvements in irrigation equipment, design and management all have roles to play in urban water conservation.  Education also plays an important role.  If water purveyors, irrigation professionals, and water users fail to understand the ways in which irrigation decisions affect water conservation, this lack of understanding poses a barrier to effective implementation of water conservation technologies.”